WeatherFord: A Web Application to Monitor the Status of Oil Wells

Natural ressources exploitation

WeatherFord: A Web Application to Monitor the Status of Oil Wells


Develop a web application to monitor the status of oil wells and to follow the evolution of the data in real time


A highly accurate, powerful and modern application allowing the oil industry giant to perform better in the industry

Required Expertises


WeatherFord, a leading company in the oil and gas industry, needed to revamp one of its key products. The client approached us for assistance in helping their Reservoir Monitoring software team design a new user interface, as the old application was out of date and no longer met the client's needs

While the initial phase of the project consisted of requirements gathering, mock-up development and product proof of concept, Beslogic also helped model the user interface to provide the best user experience, while being modern and easy to use.

Our team collected and synthesized the requirements from different teams around the world, analyzed the constraints of the application domain and provided optimal technology suggestions based on its experience and industry research.

The web application had to be compatible with different models of devices and machines, and had to be hyper-performant in order to ensure the validity of the data presented to detect potential dangers.


As the application was optimized throughout the project, Beslogic adopted the agile methodology to allow WeatherFord to use its software from the very first phases of the project. This was one of Beslogic's first major mandates, spanning over four years.

The client was very satisfied with the service and the involvement of our team, and we were able to deliver an application that exceeded their expectations.

Another successful project for Beslogic! Want to know how our team can help you perform better in your industry? Don't waste another second, make an appointment with one of our experts!

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