Novisto: Enhance a Web Application for ESG Data and Report Generation

Sustainable Development

Novisto: Enhance a Web Application for ESG Data and Report Generation


Develop the functionality of an application that contributes to the production of reports


A powerful and optimized application for network speed testing devices

Required Expertises


Novisto is a company that offers sustainability management software to enable companies to generate value from their ESG data and reports. The client called upon Beslogic to provide additional assistance and support in the development of their brand new web application, according to very specific standards.

Beslogic and Novisto teams collaborated on this project to add new features to the software. Among these features, the management of user preferences and languages was one of them. We had to develop and integrate a translation tool in several languages within the software.

Secondly, Novisto wanted to ensure that it maintained control over access to the application by setting access limits after a certain number of connection attempts in order to protect the data. Also, for companies, it was important to manage the configuration of the software to add or remove components to the software, according to targeted needs.

During this mandate, our experts also performed numerous end-to-end tests to simulate user interaction with the platform and assure its efficiency, in addition to unit tests in the back end.


In summary, Beslogic mainly co-developed the new features of the Novisto application, and managed and maintained the software. Our experts were frequently called upon to advise Novisto's teams on this project. In only six months, Beslogic was able to provide the client with a quality and efficient product to fulfill its mission, which is to offer an efficient software that meets the highest ESG standards for companies. The software is still being developed and optimized, but it is also being used by its users and meets their needs.

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