EXFO: An Expertise to Optimize Network Speed Tests


EXFO: An Expertise to Optimize Network Speed Tests


Integrate an HHT library into an IOS application to generate reports through devices


A powerful and optimized application for network speed testing devices

Required Expertises


Exfo, a firm in the telecommunications industry offering network testing, monitoring and analysis, turned to Beslogic to help them implement an HHT library, integrated with an existing IOS application developed by Open Reach, an Exfo customer. Exfo needed additional support to develop the solution.

This library was coded in Objective C, and Exfo's team did not have the expertise to implement the library. The application is therefore used to send requests via the Bluetooth protocol between the IOS application and the EX1 device in order to retrieve, add or delete XML files or custom files.

Exfo's and Beslogic's teams collaborated together in the maintenance and development of an Android application developed with the Ionic framework, named EXs, which allows to test the speed of the network connection. This application supports tests on 100 MB, 1 GB or 10 GB networks using an EX1 (1 GB maximum) or EX10 (10 GB maximum) device. These tests can be performed via Wi-Fi, Ethernet cable or Bluetooth protocol. The connectivity tests then generate PDF, XML, JSON or custom reports. The XML report generated is the same one that can be retrieved from the HHT library side through an EX1 device.

As for the EXs application on Android, our team has been mandated to add features, fix bugs and help maintain the software. And for the library, Beslogic first translated the Bluetooth protocol code into Objective C and added the entry points for sending requests between the library and the EX1 device.



During this mandate, our team had to face the challenge of developing the library with a black box. The code of the Open Reach IOS application could not be shared with us. When a problem occurred, it was difficult to determine the source. Our team used daily calls with Exfo and Open Reach to involve all stakeholders and to clearly state the problem in order to find the solution together. The library is now functional and was completed on time. It has been tested extensively and meets the client's requirements. It took our team about 6 months to implement a powerful solution for Exfo.

This is another successful mission for the Beslogic team!

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