A Web Application to Enhance the Customer Experience

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A Web Application to Enhance the Customer Experience


Develop a web application to improve the customer experience and increase the conversion rate


A powerful tool that ensures the satisfaction of the target clientele, in addition to helping the client convert new business opportunities

Required Expertises


A major player in the aerospace industry had identified a business opportunity in a very competitive market. In order to maintain its position, the company had the idea of offering its customers an unparalleled service experience through innovation and technology.

A market study having been carried out beforehand, our client had a very precise vision of the application he wished to develop as well as the different functionalities that the tool should have in order to offer the best experience to his target clientele, and whose main objective was to increase the global conversion rate

However, the project had some particularities that had to be properly analyzed by our team. Indeed, it was necessary to ensure the integration of the application with the client's existing website, which does not use the same technologies as the new application (content management system VS Angular)

Beslogic offered a wide range of services and expertise for this mandate. From consulting, to software development and integration, to co-development with the client's teams, our experts were able to meet the challenge while respecting a detailed roadmap.


It took nearly nine months to develop this high-performance web application. Freshly launched, the results are encouraging. The client confided to us that he was very satisfied with the service offered by Beslogic, as well as the spirit of collaboration and synergy that was established between our teams.

Furthermore, this customer proudly demonstrated their new application at MEI as part of the Aeronef de Demain project and the feedback was very revealing and positive. You can learn more by reading the press release of this news right here.

Other partners have even expressed a strong interest in this new technology and are also interested in taking advantage of the promising potential of this technological tool.

It's another successful mission for Beslogic! Are you ready to entrust us with yours? Make an appointment now!

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