Beslogic Ready to Conquer the World of 5G in Quebec

Beslogic Ready to Conquer the World of 5G in Quebec

Montreal, March 29 2022 ー Montreal-based software development firm Beslogic is pleased to announce a number of significant achievements in the Adaptive Slicing for Intelligent Network Automation (ASINA) project, developed in collaboration with Ciena and the financial support of the ENCQOR 5G program.   

Innovation For Performance  

This technological research project, developed with the contribution of Concordia University professor Brigitte Jaumard's team, aims to segment the 5G network into different spheres, or "virtual slices" (network slicing).   

For several years now, Beslogic and Ciena have been working closely on the optimization of various technologies, including the company’s Blue Planet Platform. The ASINA project aims to enrich the capabilities of the Blue Planet Platform by adding artificial intelligence to achieve full autonomy of a 5G network and reach the Zero Touch Network model. Artificial intelligence can improve the accuracy of anomaly detection and ultimately predict their occurrence in a network. In addition, it can orchestrate the distribution of resources in an optimal and automated manner.  

A Promising Outlook  

The results of Beslogic's and Ciena's work have surpassed anticipated performance criteria. Processes are faster and more efficient, latency is significantly reduced, and data analysis is instantaneous. As a result, priority management is optimized, and the quality of services offered by the network is significantly improved. These are promising benefits for this emerging technology in the world of 5G network management.  

Within a few years, service providers will be able to benefit from the system by integrating it into their infrastructures. The Adaptive Slicing for Intelligent Network Automation project is tangible proof that the boundaries of technology and innovation can be constantly pushed to better serve a multitude of industries such as public safety, agriculture, smart mobility and cybersecurity.   

A Growing SME That Thinks Big  

Among the key players in the research and development of 5G-related technologies, Beslogic has distinguished itself in North America with the success and scope of the ASINA project. 

"We have worked very hard to develop our expertise and knowledge related to 5G, so it is a real source of pride and honor for the entire team to be able to contribute to this innovative project alongside Ciena and ENCQOR 5G. We want to demonstrate that at Beslogic, we have all the skills and expertise required to take on challenges of all sizes," said Yannick Bessette, founder and president of Beslogic.  

"We are very pleased to see a company like Beslogic, in collaboration with Ciena, one of ENCQOR's founding partners, develop new technologies and solutions that allow Quebec to position itself advantageously in the 5G universe. Beslogic's work is precisely in line with ENCQOR's mission to develop an innovative ecosystem of 5G companies in Quebec and Ontario that are able to compete on a global scale and strengthen the competitiveness of the Canadian economy," said Pierre Boucher, executive director of ENCQOR 5G.   

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About Beslogic   

Founded in 2008, Beslogic is a Montreal-based SME specializing in the development of digital solutions and custom software for businesses of all sizes. Beslogic's open culture encourages the free flow of ideas and promotes creativity and innovation. Expertise and collaboration are at the very heart of the company's business model and have been growing rapidly in recent years. More than fifty committed developers contribute daily to the deployment and success of many strategic projects.   

About ENCQOR Innovation  

ENCQOR 5G is funded by the governments of Canada, Quebec and Ontario, as well as by key industry players: Ericsson, Ciena, Thales, CGI and IBM. ENCQOR 5G is coordinated by Innovation ENCQOR. It is implemented in Ontario by the Ontario Innovation Centre and in Quebec by Innovation ENCQOR, Prompt and ADRIQ. The mandate of the program is to bring together SMEs and academia to help advance research, innovation, and application demonstration through a pre- commercial 5G testbed. ENCQOR 5G has five innovation centers located in Ontario and Quebec, providing a 5G platform where SMEs can develop and test new solutions.


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