At Beslogic, team members are at the heart of everything and here's why

At Beslogic, team members are at the heart of everything and here's why

We enjoy our amazing culture, which is centered not only on creativity and excellence, but also understanding the different needs of people, emphasizing authenticity and empathy. As a result, our employees thrive in our environment because they have a deep understanding of every business situation, pulling back the veil so they can put as much thought as possible into their solution. Want to know how we make our colleagues engaged? 

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What does it mean for us to provide a positive experience for our team members?

We believe that a positive work experience is essential to the engagement of our team. We strive to ensure that all team members feel valued, respected and fulfilled in their work. We do this by giving our team members the opportunity to work on projects that excite them; this fosters a fun work environment and contributes to our success.

We also create a positive experience for our team by focusing on wellness and relationships, fostering collaboration and integration of differences, and ensuring team members have access to the resources they need to get the job done.

As Yannick Bessette, our CEO, says: "The goal is to allow the team member to have the chance to participate in a collective mission that is bigger than ourselves. It is to have a major and concrete impact on our peers, our customers and partners, on our communities, by applying, together, all kinds of cool technologies to the challenges of people around us."

Why are our team members so important at Beslogic?

"We believe in unity, and we have fun doing it." This is reflective of our core values. We believe that creativity, commitment, and wholeness are all essential ingredients to a fulfilling work experience.

"One of the most important things we want to strive for at our company is collective intelligence. We want each team member to be an integral part of the process and know that they are an individual with skills, experience, and innovative ideas," says Sandra. "Together we can complete any challenge we face, and everyone can thrive in the work environment." At Beslogic, our team has no trouble meeting goals. Our close-knit community creates a safe place where each person can do their best and leave feeling accomplished, knowing that they have done something great with their valuable time on Earth.

Our approach to encouraging team member satisfaction

At Beslogic, we believe that team member satisfaction is critical to our success. That's why we've taken an innovative approach to ensure that our employees feel valued and fulfilled in their work. We constantly strive to find new ways to meet our team member’s needs by using a personalized approach, considering their individual goals and encouraging their professional development.

We also have a culture focused on innovation, which encourages our employees to think outside the box and proactively come up with new and creative ideas. We believe this helps the team feel motivated and fully invested in their work. We also offer training and development opportunities to allow our employees to continue to grow and evolve in their careers.

Finally, we have implemented benefits and wellness programs to help our employees find a balance between their professional and personal lives. We also encourage open communication and collaboration to foster a positive and supportive work atmosphere.

We pride ourselves on our human approach to fostering team satisfaction. We believe this translates into a motivated, creative and successful team that is ready to take on any challenge that comes their way.

The Beslogic recipe works for us, and during the month of April, we will be introducing you to team members who have had atypical careers path or who have become part of our culture. We will share a bit of our universe with you. 

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